Your Connection to Omaha Success

“Hi Mark,” comes a voice from down the street, as Mark Renner and a friend exit his office. Mark waves and they get into his car and drive off to lunch. Just moments later, a car horn sounds and Mark smiles and waves to the driver. Mark and his friend then enter the restaurant where the hostess smiles and says, “Hi Mark.” She seats them at a table and a couple looks over and they both say, “Hey Mark.”

“Do you know everybody in Omaha?” his friend asks.

“Just about,” Mark replies with a laugh. It’s just a typical day in Mark Renner’s life. No matter where he goes, any day of the week, it’s the same story. Whether he is working, shopping, walking around town or even attending a University of Nebraska football game, there is literally no place he can go in Omaha where he won’t be greeted by friends. He’s just that kind of guy.

Getting “Hi Marks” in School

Growing up in Omaha, Mark was a gregarious youth whose love for sports and social activities made him a “people-person” at an early age. His positive attitude and contagious love of life contributed to shaping his personality into someone who received the title “Social Chairman for Life” from his fraternity brothers in college. “I’ve always loved connecting with people and being connected,” he explains. “And Omaha is such a friendly, ‘big little town’—it’s the perfect home for someone like me.”

Connecting with the Community

That honorary “Social Chairman for Life” might also apply to Mark’s involvement in the community as well. Over the years, he has served on various boards like the Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce, the Children’s Theatre, the Omaha Ballet and as president of the Omaha Area Board of Realtors® to name a few. It seems that Omaha has no bigger booster than Mark—and he loves “selling” the city and its many merits to newcomers. He’s even a graduate of Leadership Omaha. “Omaha has been good to me and it’s been a fantastic place to raise my kids,” he says. “I’ve enjoyed every minute here and I like contributing my time and efforts to help shape the future goals and directions of this beautiful city.”

Setting a High Mark at Work

With such a high regard for Omaha and its people, it’s no wonder that Mark has been able to turn his love for the area into a successful career. For more than three decades, Mark has been helping home buyers and sellers in the Greater Omaha area realize their dreams in real estate. Combining a vast knowledge of the area and its market with incomparable personal and technical skills, Mark is committed to helping his clients reach their objectives. “If I need to get to the other side of the mountain, I’ll find a way,” He says. “Either over it, around it or through it if I have to, but I will get there.” It’s not just Mark’s determined spirit that gets results, but his personal touch as well. “I pride myself on being a good listener,” he says. By getting to know his clients and their hopes and desires, he is able to formulate a special plan to help them find the perfect home to suit their unique needs or the ideal buyer for their property.

They Call Him “Mr. Omaha”

There are few things Mark enjoys more than helping people connect with the community. His longtime knowledge of the area with its many diverse neighborhoods is an invaluable asset when it comes to showing buyers all this beautiful area has to offer or when he is marketing a home to reach its maximum potential.

Sellers’ Choice for MARKeting

Having extensive expertise in marketing and preparing homes for sale, Mark is able to offer many insights to help sellers showcase their homes for maximum effect. And his suggestions for making home improvements can help both buyers and sellers visualize the potential for increasing the value of their homes.

Make the Right Choice

When you are planning to make a move in the Greater Omaha Area, you should definitely contact the one professional who knows Omaha like no one else. His personable style will make you feel comfortable from the start and his knowledge of real estate will make you feel confident to the finish. With more than 30 years of experience, Nobody Sells Omaha Like Mark Renner Sells Omaha.

It’s hard for Mark Renner to go anywhere in Omaha without getting a lot of enthusiastic “Hi Marks!” from people throughout the community. Everyone seems to know him, and his reputation as “Mr. Omaha” is well earned.

Indeed, his “Hi Marks” translate to high marks time and time again, earning praise from countless satisfied customers and regard as Omaha’s ultimate real estate resource. In fact, Mark is the First Place Winner of “Omaha Magazine’s” annual “Best of Omaha” ballot for “Best Real Estate Agent.”

Mark Renner‘s Team of Professionals

To assist buyers and sellers in achieving their goals, Mark is assisted by a team of professionals, each providing a different and unique function which contributes to a smooth and successful closing.

Ralph Palmer

Ralph Palmer will Pre-Approve all buyers and offer all banking services including checking, savings, Personal Banking and Trust Services. A call to Ralph is a call to all of the resources of Security National Bank, one of Omaha‘s larger and complete services banking resources. To contact Ralph Palmer, call 402.221.0103 or e-mail at rpalmer@snbomaha. To apply for a mortgage or to be pre-approved, go to Mark‘s Home Page and look for the Security National Bank Mortgage logo and follow the directions.