Mark Is Your Resource for 55+ Real Estate Needs

I’m Mark Renner, your SRES®, Senior Real Estate Specialist

Born in 1946, and, therefore, I am on the leading edge of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation. I have raised my children in my big family home, and experienced the agony and the joy of becoming an “empty nester”.

I have downsized to my “aging in place” home and greatly expanded my lifestyle.

Thus, I have experienced the transitions you may be faced with.

Having been there, let me guide you through the transition of downsizing and show you how to greatly expand your lifestyle.

Every transition is an opportunity, regardless of your stage in life. With the right preparation, a new home can provide the fresh start and continual enjoyment you’ve been working toward.

By partnering with an SRES® like me during your new home search, you’ll gain the help and expertise of a REALTOR® specialized in meeting the needs of home buyers and sellers aged 50 plus.

I have both the education and real estate experience, I have twice been voted the Outstanding Real Estate Agent in Omaha, to serve as your trusted advisor through the unique financial and lifestyle transitions involved in relocating or selling your family home.

Is it time to sell your home?

Are you thinking of selling your home to move to a senior-supportive environment? Or perhaps to move in with an adult son or daughter who can help with your needs as you grow older.

Or, are you considering downsizing to your ‘Age In Place Home?”

You may be considering leaving the family home with all that it represents – the place where children were raised; the safety and security of the family unit; the physical space where your oldest and dearest memories reside. For seniors, it can signify the best years of their lives, where friends and community ties were made.

Many seniors would prefer to continue living in their own home, or ‘aging in place.’ Sometimes, circumstances work against those preferences:

  • Home maintenance becomes a burden
  • A major life event forces considering a move
  • An aging parent wants to live closer to adult children or other caretakers
  • Financial concerns make it difficult to keep the home
  • Support services are needed that are not available at home
  • Whatever the reason, there may come a time when parents, along with their adult children, consider selling and moving on

I am here to help. I can assist you with much information and advice, including:

  • Housing options
  • Financial considerations
  • Legal considerations
  • Selling your current home
  • Pricing considerations
  • Staging your home
  • Showing your home
  • Negotiating the sale and closing
  • Packing and moving